Welcome to Selena’s manual documentation

Date:October 20, 2014

What is SELENA?

SELENA (Scalable Emulation of LargE Network Architectures) is an holistic network experimentation platform. SELENA builds around XEN and is capable to emulate experiments of increasing size. SELENA supports by design real network replication, controllable trade-off between experimental fidelity and execution time and extensive OS and application compatibility. An intuitive and simple Python API enables simple network topology and experimental scenario defintion and seamless deployment.



Time dilation builtin the XEN hypervisor. Experimenters can homogeneously slowdown experimental time progression. Experimental time virtualization is implemented in the XEN hypervisor and supports any PV guest (e.g. Linux, BSD etc.).


Reproducibilty through a pythonic experiment description API, which automates deployment and execution, and support for all PV guests, which provides full POSIX real-world applications and network stacks support.


High Scalability with the muscles of the XEN platform. Additionally, fidelity at scale by controlling time progression in emulation and allowing resource scalability at a unit of experimental time.


Software Defined Networking support, providing compatibility with all popular software switch and controller implementations and OpenFlow switch emulation, providing high realism in control plane emulation.

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